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Monday til Friday Recipes !


Every college student thinks that cooking is the most time consuming task on the entire planet!  The truth is “THEY ARE LAZY ON FEEDING THEIR OWN STOMACH”.  They have time to take their car and drive all the way to McDonald’s for a fatty Big Mac burger. However they never thought of using that hour or two to fix themselves a simple healthy meal.   “Over the year, we found that males gained 5.6 pounds and females gained 3.6 pounds, with the large majority of that weight gained in the first semester,” said Elizabeth Lloyd-Richardson, the Brown researcher.( that particular reason, I have put together a list of quick, healthy , 30 minutes meals that will satisfy every college student.

Monday:  Meatballs with Rice:

First of all, the student should have done some food shopping during the weekend!  My roommate and I were the ones to come up with this recipe. I can guarantee you it was a great success. This is what you need:

  •    100 grams of minced meat that will be turned into small meatballs.
  • 3-4 table spoons of tomato paste ( it depends on how much sauce you  want )
  •            One small shopped onion
  •           Medium sized green pepper  and zucchini
  •          2  cups of rice
  •          Salt , pepper, paprika,  garlic and olive oil.

You start off by boiling the rice.  (Tip:   the easiest way to get hot water, put it in a kettle first then pour into the deep cooking pan, you will save more time.) On the meantime,  put the shopped onions  on a saucepan with some olive oil to cook. Then,  add green pepper and zucchini . Prepare the sauce by mixing the tomato paste with some water in a container, until it becomes liquid enough. After, pour it with the veggies and add the spices. Let it all cook for  10 minutes then add the meatballs to it. 15 minutes later, taste the meat to make sure that’s how you like it. By the time the sauce is done the rice will be ready.  Put the white rice on a plate and add the meatball tomato sauce, and Voila your lunch or dinner is served.

 Tuesday :  Flatbread pizza:

This is the quickest way to prepare a pizza. It will be ready before you know it .

  •   The Flat (Arab ) Bread , also known as Shawarma bread .
  •  Already made pizza or pasta sauce. ( the ones available in supermarkets)
  •  Vegetables : medium sized bell peppers, onions, zucchini   ( according to                           your preferences )
  •   Mushrooms , olives.
  •    Tuna or meat or chicken ( whatever is available to you )
  •    Mozzarella cheese

Make sure the flat bread is not too hard or frozen , let it softened a bit . If that isn’t the case, put  the quantity of flatbread  you want  on a oven tray, then spread the sauce on them. Add the cooked meat or chicken or tuna , preferred veggies , mushrooms, olives and lastly Mozzarella Cheese. Put it in the oven for about 10 -15 minutes if the temperate is very high (more than 250 Celsius ), more time if the temperate is lower. When the cheese melts, take it out, add some olive oil and sprinkle some oregano.  Buon Appetito !

Wednesday : Stir Friend Noodles with Veggies:

If you are dying for some Chinese food , this is the closest you can get ! This is what you will need:

  •           2-3 cups of cooked noodles ( take the noodles out of the package and put it in boiling water )
  •           1 to 2 medium sized onions ,  chopped into 8 pieces
  •            1 carrot , cut into thick rectangular shapes
  •           1 large bell peppers, cut into 8 pieces
  •           2 crushed garlic flakes
  •           1 tea spoon of soya sauce ( and chilli sauce if preferred spicy )
  •           3 tea spoons of vinegar
  •          1 tea spoon of brown or white sugar
  •           Salt  & pepper
  •          Sesame or olive oil

Note : any other vegetables can be added : cabbage , broccoli, baby corn, zucchini, also some walnuts or cashews.

Since the noodles are already cooked , all we have to do is mix  the rest of the ingredients. To parboil vegetables, boil a liter or less of water with a pinch of salt. Add carrot and any other vegetable that has to be parboiled ( cabbage , broccoli ) to the pan for 2-3 minutes. Strain the water out and add sesame or olive oil, onions, bell peppers, garlic, soya sauce, vinegar, brown sugar , salt & pepper to the pan . Let all blend in and cook for about  15 -20 minutes.  After , add the noodles to it and  stir until everything is mixed together.  Get  your chopsticks and dig in . (

 Thursday: Italian Herb Spaghetti :

This is the simplest  recipe for any kind of pasta. You will need :

  •           Spaghetti or Tagliate pasta
  •           2 garlic
  •          Couple of cherry tomatoes or chop tomatoes into cubes
  •          Italian herbs,  minced parsley
  •          Olive oil , salt , pepper.

Tip : ( if you are a fan of spinach , you can add it as well ).

As you would have guessed already, boil the pasta first. When cooked, put it in a cooking pan, then add olive oil, cherry tomatoes or chopped tomatoes, garlic (smashed or minced) , herbs, parsley, salt & pepper. Let all the flavor mix in with the pasta for about 10 minutes.  And Bon Appétit!

  A Chunky Omelette.As you would have guessed already,  boil the pasta first. When cooked, put it in a cooking pan, then add olive oil, cherry tomatoes or chopped tomatoes, garlic ( smashed or minced) , herbs, parsley, salt & pepper. Let all the flavor mix in with the pasta for about 10 minutes.  And Bon Appétit!

When you are feeling lazy to cook something ”BIG” , you can always turn to eggs, but not the plain and boring kind!  You will need

  •           3-4  eggs
  •           3  cut spring onions or regular onions.
  •           100 grams of mushrooms
  •           1 grated carrot
  •           Small zucchini
  •          Grated cheese ( preferred amount)
  •         Salt & pepper.

Note :  you can add other spices such as : paprika, cumin, garlic powder, herbs.

Start off by pouring some olive oil on the cooking pan , then cook the onions. Add the mushrooms, carrot , zucchini and let it softened. While the Veggies are getting their color, whisk the eggs. Add salt & pepper to the eggs and stir. When veggies are cooked, add the eggs to it and let It settle. If the top of the omelette seems a bit raw, just place the pan in the oven for few minutes. Served hot  along with a drink. Enjoy! (


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